Your career at Home Credit in 2020


Ready for a bursting career straight after graduation? It's not impossible! Thanks to our trainee program for graduates and university students you will gain experience for the whole world from our headquarters in Prague, Brno as well as from abroad! JUST GO FOR IT WITH US! BECOME A PART OF THE WORLD LEADER IN THE FIELD OF CONSUMER FINANCE!

Who are we looking for?

  • University graduates or students of the last year of university
  • An analyst who is not afraid to work with numbers and can use common sense
  • An adventurer who is looking for a challenge and dreams of working abroad
  • And at the same time someone who has no problem communicating in English

If you see yourself here and can speak English without problems, then we are looking exactly for you. JUST GO FOR IT WITH US!

With us only!

How does the trainee program work?

Our trainee program will allow you to get much further than others - by distance and mainly professionally!

The selection procedure will take place soon. Meet our chatbot POLO and stay informed!

  1. For the first year, you will work in Prague or Brno full-time or part-time. Working hours for students will be adjusted according to the university schedule, and we will support them during the final examination period.
  2. You will become a part of one of our analytical teams - finance, business analysis, CRM, risk management or collections.
  3. The trainee program will be tailor made and all the time you will be accompanied by a mentor.
  4. In the second year, you will travel to one country or several countries of the Home Credit Group, depending on current projects, to find out, how it works elsewhere in the world.
  5. You will then receive a long-term employment contract in one of the countries of the Home Credit Group.

Where can you go?

HC NET trainee program in the largest consumer finance company in the world, offers you to discover another world ... China, Philippines, India, USA and more.

What will you gain, if you go for it WITH US ONLY?

  • A quick career start right after university or work experience in a multinational company while studying
  • International work experience
  • Work in a multicultural environment
  • Valuable contacts from abroad
  • The possibility of future cooperation and the subsequent growth

If you prove well in our program, you have a good chance to make it from an analytical position to the management. And among other things you will discover other countries, such as India, Indonesia, China, Philippines and others. Isn’t that appealing? You will experience all of this, if you go for it WITH US ONLY!

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Without Home Credit, I wouldn’t have made it to the Philippines

I would have never thought to have a chance to work abroad right after college. Thanks to the Home Credits trainee program, I quickly got to a position, for which I would work for years at home. Today I'm a senior analyst in Manila. Our team of four is responsible, for example, for planning, reporting, cost and profitability analyzes. Staying in the Philippines is amazing. I am extremely grateful for the HC NET Program and the opportunity that it gave me!

Filip Šebej


Let's go to Vietnam!

After accomplishing the HC NET Program at the Risk department in Brno, I was given the opportunity to go to the HC Group countries. In autumn 2016, I faced the challenge of moving from China to Vietnam. Now I'm already here and in charge of the local analytical team.

Filip Paseka


Right after school, I have moved to the USA

I joined the HC NET Program in the fourth year of college. The selection procedure for the Program was challenging, but I do not regret making the decision. I have fulfilled my dream to work abroad. After completing the trainee program I got an offer to work for Home Credit in Kansas City, USA. I highly recommend participation in the Program to all those, who still hesitate.

Eva Fasorová


With Home Credit around the world right after college

I am a part of a pricing team and, within the framework of my work, I communicate with all areas of the company. Doing an internship at Home credit, I have the opportunity to talk into many things and work on very interesting and responsible tasks. If you want to sign up for HC NET Program, just do it! You will definitely not regret it.

Tibor Kučera